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Hi - welcome to my site!

I’m a PhD candidate in Statistics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. My dissertation involves extensions to hidden Markov models, including variational Bayes, copula specifications for multivariate emissions distributions without a natural joint specification, and dealing with dimensionality using a multivariate Markov chain state process. Most of the problems are in the context of spatiotemporal precipitation models, but are applicable to HMMs with high dimensional emission distributions.
I am also a graduate research assistant with UMBC’s High Peformance Computing Facility. My RA work is split between research facilitation at the HPCF and a JCET project to model forest cover change over Panama.
My research interests include the spatiotemporal analysis of geostatistical data, Bayesian inference, stochastic simulations, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and High Performance Computing. In addition, I am also interested in state space models and in modeling extreme weather events. I am actively looking to be involved in the Earth Sciences domain.
My CV, updated Nov 2021. You can find me over at LinkedIn, or reach me via email.

Research Projects